10 Reasons why the world needs media missionaries


1. Media is the world’s global language. 
In order to communicate the gospel message to unreached nation, you need to know the local language. A new language has been born. Today’s generation speaks media fluently. Will this generation ever have the gospel presented to them in a way they can understand?

2. Media is everywhere.
There are so many cellphones as there are people on earth. People engage with their cellphone 200 times a day, they surf the internet on their cellphones and laptops, watch films and live in environment where the TV is on or where they are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages through billboard screens. 

3. Young people are on media.
Do you know the youth take in 11 hours of media everyday. Their worldview is being shaped by the broken world messages. Media missionaries can redeem media and use it to share the gospel.

4. The harvest is young.
80% of decisions are made before the age of 14 and 90% of decisions to follow Christ are made by the age of 20. We loose this harvest if we can’t communicate the gospel in the language today’s generation understands, media. 

5. Media missionaries are creative.
They are often artistic and can present the message of the gospel creatively in various formats in a way people can easily understand it. 

6. Media missionaries can use the Internet to reach a much wider area.
By using the Internet they can penetrate homes where other missionaries have difficulty to enter. 

7. Media missionaries can reach all kinds of people.
Most people in the world are currently individualistic and they reject people who try to share the gospel to them through face-to-face interaction. But these same people are often online and are open to check out gospel short films or other visual content.   

8. Media missionaries can easily sneak into communities that reject Christianity.  
Media missionaries are often perceived as artists and they can easily get into countries that are not open to the gospel. 

9. Media missionaries are agents of change.
They can create a positive culture in their community and around the world. 

10. Media missionaries are fun.
Even people, who are not open to religious or spiritual conversation, can’t resist the creative approach of media missionaries.