10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Videos for Missions

1. Videos have a great potential to influence human’s behavior. 

Do you know 83% of our experience of the world is perceived with our sense of sight. Media missionaries can produce content that can engage and convert people.


2. Videos have a potential to convert better than any other medium.

Videos are the preferred form of media for this generation. Video content is 12x more likely to be watched than text to be read. In this generation people prefer a gospel message presented in visual format than text.


3. Videos can grab attention more than other mediums of communication.
Movement is known to grab attention and videos are perfect medium for this.


4. Most people learn better visually.
Research indicates that 65% of people are visual learners. One can reach more people by using videos for sharing the gospel.


5. Videos affect emotions.
It can trigger an emotional response much faster than simple blog post. People can emotionally connect to our message when presented in video format. Thus video content in an emotional context is successful in communicating the gospel message.  


6. Videos can deliver messages faster.  
Videos offer a more immediate experience with information served in a short period of time. 


7. Videos are easy to follow and understand.
Videos can deliver complex story in a format that is easily understandable. 


8. Today it is easier than ever to produce.
Anyone with cellphone can shoot, edit and share videos to a wider audience with zero budget.  


9. Today it is easier than ever to share videos with people.
Facebook claims to serve 3 billion video views per day. Over one billion unique users visit YouTube globally each month. Videos are proven to receive more views, clicks and shares than plain text tweets. Videos on Facebook are shared 12 times more than text posts.  


10. Videos can serve as conversation starters.
In sharing the gospel with people, we can use short films as conversation starters and guide the conversation to the truth of the gospel.