Identity Photograph and Short Film Exhibition

Identity exhibition, is a display of artistic photographs and short films that show how everyone yearns for self-definition and self-understanding. Humans’ primary impulse is the impulse to find and create meaning, developing a conception of who we are, for what purpose we exist, and how should we live our lives. We cannot exist without an identity and often human identity is tied closely to the systems of meaning that people create. The systems of meaning are how people express their identity. Identity determines how we see ourselves and conceive our position in the world, how others see or classify us, and how we choose to engage with those around us.

Identity exhibition was open from July 20-25, 2016 at Morning Star Mall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The exhibition that included 30 photographs, was visited by about 1000 people. The exhibition was closed with a panel discussion with invited guests, Dr. Mihret Debebe, a well-known physiatrist and writer and Pastor Yonathan Tekie. The panelists answered identity questions raised by the attendants and guided the panel into sharing the gospel.

RedeeMedia now plans to take this exhibition to different towns in Ethiopia.

Watch the video of the exhibit here.