Resistance in the creative process Part 1



How can you spot and beat resistance in your life?


God introduces himself to the world as ‘The creator.’ God is a creator. He is the ultimate source of all creation. Anything ever created by anyone, anywhere comes from God’s creative flow. On the other hand, evil has no imagination. The devil is not creative. The only thing evil knows how to do is corrupt what is good, weaken what is strong, steal that which is precious and pervert what is noble. 


If the devil could have imagined what the cross would do to the world and to all of us, he would have never crucified Jesus.  It is the stupidity of evil that led to the cross. The devil has no imagination, he wants to be creative and a ruler over everything, but he can’t. Thus the devil covets creativity so much. He hates all creative endeavor whether done by Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist or a Christian. Therefore he invades any creative happenings and does his best to mess it up. Anytime you create you are directly linked to God. God’s creativity is like a beacon in the universe, it announces his presence that you don’t have creativity without him. It is designed to draw people to God. This is why the devil is against it. Try to create and you will immediately face resistance. 


You all have a mission to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.  And if mission is not a struggle, your best self will not come out. When you are set to complete our mission you will be faced by resistance. Lets start with the simple type of resistance;


1. External resistance

Resistance from the outside is the easiest to spot. This is when dark forces attack our minds, body team assets. 


2. Spiritual attacks that comes from those closest to you 

This form of resistance is when those closest to you are being used against you in some way. It is when the people you trust most and who have been walking along with you suddenly betray you.  They question what you are doing and they don’t want to be part of it anymore. It is more discouraging than anything anyone else can do to you because you believe what these people say.  


3. A series of negative coincidences

This is when your car break, your things got stolen, when your computer crash and so much more negative coincidences keep happening. 


4. Opportunities

When you are set to do your mission and when you are certain God calls you towards a certain direction you will be faced with series of opportunities that can side truck you. Resistance opposes you in only one direction, to the way of your mission. When you try to move towards your spiritual journey, as you go deeper to what God wants you to do, you will face resistance. On the other hand if you move towards a carnal life full of pleasure you will never face resistance.  It only opposed your direction from a lower life to a higher life, you never find resistance on the way to hell.


If you get one thing from this blog post, we want you to get this. You can actually use resistance alone as your compass to which direction are you supposed to be heading? Imagine the possibility if you follow resistance as your compass in life?