Resistance in the creative process Part 2


Resistance in the creative process

How can you spot and beat resistance in your life?

In our last blog post we have seen that any creativity is linked to God and that we face resistance whenever we try to create something. If you haven’t read the first part of this blog post, you can read it here. In this blog post we will cover when people face resistance and how to beat it.


1. As soon as the race begins

Resistance will do whatever it can to keep you from starting. A lot of Christians are wimpy when faced with resistance. When they face resistance they take it as a sign from heaven to wait or quit. Resistance doesn’t want you to start the race, it doesn’t want you in, but once you got in it doesn’t go on forever. So you must push through. 


2. At the end of the race

Resistance gets stronger when the finish line is insight. You face so much resistance to keep you from finishing the race. However the greatest force of resistance comes from within you! You feed it with power by your fear of it. When something great is about to happen you often self- sabotage which means you damage something deliberately so that it won’t work correctly. 


Symptoms of the Presence of Resistance


1. Procrastination

Procrastination is the most common form of resistance. 


2. Sensual longing

Sensual longing includes sex, drugs, shopping, TV, gossip, sugar, coffee, chocolate. 


3. Getting ourselves into trouble 

Some creatives are famous for getting themselves in trouble just before something big is about to happen or just before they create. They put themselves in trouble by doing something, lashing out at other people and accept abuse from others. They end up creating soap opera out of their own lives or focus their energy on criticizing the efforts of others


4. Doubting yourself

This is paralyzing your self with fear. Some people declare themselves as a victim and excuse themselves from the battle of life and manipulate others making others lives miserable.  


5. Start dreaming about instant success


6. Isolate your self from other people

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be alone. You can be alone while creating but you need people.


7. Involve in addictive behavior

Drinking smoking weed and yammering on and on with the circle of friends who do the same thing is just a great excuse for not getting anything else done and wasting your youth and time, burning of your brain cells. 


8. Medication for anxiety etc 

Depression and anxiety may be real. But they can also be resistance.  You should not drug ourselves to blot out your soul’s call.


9. Fundamentalism

This is the philosophy that humanity has fallen from its higher state in the past. “Fundamentalism and art are mutually exclusive. Fundamentalists cannot stand freedom. There is no such thing as fundamentalist art, “ because they call art sin and consider all art temptation, all music a temptation and as Satan’s work. They experience resistance as temptation.  It is basically creating any excuse to keep yourself from creating. 


All art is important to the world. The Christian artist is important to the world because he/she creates hope. When you create something beautiful you entice people to leave the dark world and to come toward the kingdom of God. All creativity is worship whether you know you are worshiping or not, it is worship. Resistance can be beaten. Here are few tips to help you beat resistance. 


1. Authority

Know that you have authority to create. You are a child of God.  It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  So blast through resistance!


2. Perseverance

It is your life! It is your calling! When God calls you he gives you the grace to face resistance. Are you someone who quits? Are you someone who talks yourself out? So much of this is a mental process. You should stop giving yourself excuses and a path to quit. You should believe that if God gives you a mission you cant fail on the mission unless you quit. The only person who decides your defeat is you. Resistance knows its limit, it is only there to resist. All it can do is to keep resisting you and that is how you develop muscle. It is not allowed to destroy you. It can’t destroy you! It can’t stop you from doing it because God gave you that mission. 


Some of the most elite marathon runners are in their late 40’s. This guy on the left is 53 years old, he has run 3 days and nights without stopping. This woman here winning medals she is 63. You would think most of the people winning marathons are in their 20’s but most of them are not. Top athletes know that they will always have to play hurt they will never be pain free. (Include picture)


Can you take few minutes now with your journal and pen and write down what resistance looks like in your life?  What happen to me on the outside and what am I doing to myself to keep myself from making progress and keep on going the same circle? What have you been doing to sabotage yourself? Can you use it as a compass towards the direction where God wants you to go?





(This article is taken from teaching by  Dr.Chuck Quinley)

Recommended book: The war of Art 

Break through the block and win your inner creative battles By Steven Pressfield