RedeeMedia is a network of communicators, film makers, photographers, writers, designers and strategists on creative evangelism. We exist to redeem various communication means, especially the visual media to reach the young people with the gospel. We also use various channels comprising interpersonal communication, and print media. We develop tailored messages and approaches to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ that takes account of the tradition, culture, values, beliefs and the context of our target audience, young people.


We capture moments and make it an instrument to transmit our message.


We do it so well, that you see it again and share it with friends.

Social Media

If this is where the young people are, this is where we are, reaching our target audience in their language.

Vision and Mission


- Paving the way for the young to salvation through visual media
- Seeing people receive Jesus as their personal savior
- Connecting people to a community where they can grow spiritually


Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to young generation by creating collaborative open network between communicators, film makers, photographers, designers and strategists through the global language of media. We serve in the 10/40 window of the world which is the home for 97% of the gospel unreached people.


Identity Photograph & Short Film Exhibition

Identity, the exhibition, is a display of artistic photographs and short films that show how everyone yearns for self-definition and self-understanding. Humans’ primary impulse is the impulse to find and create meaning, developing a conception of who we are, for what purpose we exist, and how should we live our lives. We cannot exist without an identity and often human identity is tied closely to the systems of meaning that people create. The systems of meaning are how people express their identity. Identity determines how we see ourselves and conceive our position in the world, how others see or classify us, and how we choose to engage with those around us.

So come to Morning Star Mall, 3rd floor and be part of this amazing experience!

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Our Team

 Genaye Eshetu

Genaye Eshetu


After getting her master’s degree in Journalism and Communications, Genaye has been working on communications for the past 4 years in different charitable organizations. In addition, she worked as a Chief Editor for a magazine printed for African Countries. She has also taken training on media evangelism. She envisions touse different means of communication to spread the gospel for those who have not had the chance of hearing.

 Kibrom Tadesse

Kibrom Tadesse

Event Manager

With a Bachelor degree in Economics, Kibrom diversified his career by doing his Masters studies in Columbia University in Climate and Society which focuses on Climate Change and Development. After working in different NGOs, Kibrom now works in areas of innovation and technology. He has been volunteering in different gospel outreach missions for the past five years with different ministries.

 Fitsum Admasu

Fitsum Admasu

Fitsum Admasu is website Developer, Motion Graphics and Graphics Designer. Specializing on corporate identity and branding, he runs a creative ad agency.


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